Welcome to Three Rivers Tibetan Cultural Center. You can find our weekly practice schedule here.

TRTCC is a center for Tibetan Buddhist practice and learning and also a place for learning about Tibetan culture. We are guided in all of these activities by Ven. Lama Kalsang, our resident monastic teacher, whose presence creates such a warm and supportive environment.

Tibetan Buddhism is in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Maha means great, and yana means vehicle. Mahayana is the great vehicle because of the expansiveness of its intention — that what we do is for the benefit of all sentient beings, without distinction or discrimination, attachment or aversion.

You’ll find here information about our center, Tibetan Buddhism, our practices, our lineage and our teachers, and resources including a list of foundational texts, a glossary of Buddhist terms, and other online resources in our lineage.

Lama Kalsang, in addition to leading our practices and his work in traditional Tibetan ritual art, also does house blessings and prayer requests. You can contact us at TRTCC@threeriverstibetancc.org about requests for blessings, prayers, or other general questions.

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