About Venerable Khenchen Rinpoche

Venerable Khenchen Rinpoche
is in Pittsburgh NOW

khenchenRinpocheMost Venerable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche, founder of Three Rivers Dharma Center, is in Pittsburgh now. He is well-respected and beloved as an accomplished scholar, meditation master, teacher, translator, and author. Rinpoche has written over 12 books on Tibetan Buddhism and has translated many Drikung Kagyu practices, prayers and histories into English, including “The Jewel Ornament of Liberation” and “The Complete Guide to the Buddhist Path“.

Students worldwide are inspired by his wisdom, compassion, strength of mind, warmth, and humor. Rinpoche is known for his great wealth of knowledge and skills in engaging his audience, especially in communicating the deepest insights in English without losing the original meaning.