Guru Rinpoche Practice Tuesday Nov 28, 2017, at 7pm

Dakini Day Practice: Guru Rinpoche

led by Venerable Khenpo Choephel

 November 18, 2017,  7-8:30pm

Our monthly Dakini Day GURU RINPOCHE Practice will be this Tuesday, November 18, at 7pm.  Dakini Day is on the 10th day of each month of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar.

We will have opening prayers on bodhicitta and refuge prayers, and a special text on the practice of Guru Rinpoche.  Ven. Khenpo Choephel will guide us on the visualization, meditation, chanting of mantra, TSOK (food offering), and dedication of merits.  




Three Rivers Tibetan Cultural Center  is located at: 7313 Florence Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15218