Center News 5/20/2020 Renovation First Phase

Center News 5/20/2020

Renovation First Phase

Before the center was closed, TRTCC had a renovation plan in place to open up the two rooms on the first floor so that we can have a larger sitting area for our sangha members to practice together, but because of the current epidemic situation the plan was put on hold. Just this past week, Lama Kalsang has been busy working all by himself knocking down the two walls dividing the shrine room and the sitting room. As shown in these photos that he took, the progress of his work is impressive, as he was just doing it bit by bit by himself. He also packed up all the shattered wood pieces and vacuumed up all dust and debris on the floor. He devoted his time and energy not only to lead our Sunday online practices but also to start the first phase of the demolition work while no one else can do it at this time.  We are just so fortunate to have him here. He is truly a treasure to us.

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