Sunday, 11/29/2020, Green Tara Online Practice with Ven. Lama Kalsang

Sunday, 11/29/2020, 10:00am Green Tara Online Practice with Ven. Lama Kalsang

This Sunday, 11/29, at 10am, Ven. Lama Kalsang will lead the Green Tara Practice online.  Tara, the meditation deity in female forms, embodies the wisdom energies of compassionate fearlessness.  This practice is for us to cultivate the connection to this wisdom energy.  Please join us:

Every Saturday at 10am.  Basic Buddhism: Practice and Study.  Lama Kalsang and Jonnie Viakley will continue the topic on Yidam Practice this Saturday to help participants develop an understanding of what this practice is about.  To join our Saturday meeting:
Every Wednesday at 7pm:  One of our sangha members, Keith Romig, will host this open meditation session. This will be a time of silent meditation while also providing fellowship with other practitioners. It’s open to anyone, with any level of experience.  To join any Wednesday practice:

**Upcoming TRTCC Online Teaching:  Saturday & Sunday,
December 5-6, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
The Dance of Anger and Wisdom with Ven. Khenmo Drolma

“May all sentient beings, especially those enemies who hate me, obstructors who harm me… have happiness…  May I swiftly establish them in perfect and precious Buddhahood.”  Lord Jigten Sumgon’s direct pointing out of the very purpose of practice, begins every session.  Our dance with an enemy, the arising of anger and confusion, can become our source of equanimity and path of bodhicitta.  Using Shantideva’s timeless wisdom and profound sutra instructions, Khenmo Drolma will explore how to take this simple prayer to heart and live it as a continuous practice.  Khenmo Drolma’s Bio:
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To support TRTCC for offering this online teaching event with Khenmo Drolma please make a donation to support us. We thank you for your generous support so we can continue to maintain this center to provide dharma teachings and practices in the future. Suggested donation for this online teaching is $20 for each day and $30 for both days.  Please give what you can.  No one will be excluded for lacking funds.  

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