Sunday, 3/28/2021, Tara Practice Online with Ven. Lama Kalsang

Sunday, 3/28/2021, 10:00am Tara Practice Online with Ven. Lama Kalsang

This Sunday, 3/28/2021, Ven. Lama Kalsang will lead the Tara Practice online.  Tara, the meditation deity in female forms, embodies the wisdom energies of compassionate fearlessness.  This deity yoga practice is for us to cultivate the connection to this feminine energy of compassion and wisdom through visualization and chanting.  Please join us:

Some new changes in our weekly online practice:

Sunday practice is going to involve a team of practitioners to participate in the practice with lama by taking turns to read the English text.

We will bring back the Introduction to Practice class.  This six-week class offers an introduction to the opening prayers and provides a foundation for the center’s regular practices.  Each session will also include a period of meditation and basic instruction.

Saturday practice, Basic Buddhism: Practice and Study will be on spring break starting March 27th through the month of April. We encourage you to join Ven. Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche‘s online teachings on Saturday morning.  Khenchen founded TRTCC and was our first spiritual director.  His teachings are not on a beginning level, but listening to teachings from an authentic master can bring down a shower of blessings on any mind that is open to it.  We had sent a notice of these teachings with a Zoom link in an earlier email.  For more information on Khenchen Rinpoche’s teachings please click here.

We have been looking farther ahead to when the center will be able to open again.  We will first get Lama vaccinated and then figure out when and how we can, with benefit to all people involved, safely begin to reopen the center.

Thank you for all your supports during this difficult time.




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