TRTCC Upcoming Practices, October 19 – 24

Dear Dharma Friends,

This Saturday Lama Kalsang will leave for Boston to help with the formal opening of the center there. He will then fly from Boston to Nepal to return to his monastery, Rinchen Ling and will stay there through February.  Lama wants to stay connected with our practices while he’s away, and over the next month he’ll be able to do that fairly regularly.  At Rinchen Ling, though, the internet connection isn’t strong, and being literally on the other side of the world means there is a big time difference.  So we’ll have to see what we’re able to arrange on Zoom.  It’s wonderful that he will finally be able to see his teacher, Nubpa Rinpoche, again.  Emaho.

A reminder about our COVID policy.  We ask that only fully vaccinated people come in to the center. Before coming into the center for a practice, please email to let the center know you would like to attend, since attendance will still be limited to make sure there is good spacing for everyone.

May our practices this week be fruitful and for the benefit of all beings!

Tuesday, October 19, 7pm, Tuesday Evening Tea Break, an open space to get together to talk about dharma and share questions and experiences. Online only. To join our Tuesday Zoom:

Wednesday, October 20, 7pm. Medicine Buddha Practice, at the center and online. To join our Wednesday Zoom:

Saturday, October 23, 10am. Basic Buddhism: Practice and Study.  Vajrasattva practice at the center and online. To join our Saturday Zoom:


Sunday, October 24, 10 am. Achi Chokyi Drolma practice. Online only. Practice will include recitation of the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, Om Ah Hung practice and meditation, and Achi Chokyi Drolma practice. To join our Sunday Zoom: