TRTCC Upcoming Practices, November 2 – 7

Dear Dharma Friends,

Over the weekend, Lama Kalsang helped Lama Sonam with the ceremonial opening of the new US Jokhang Temple in Danvers, MA. May their efforts be auspicious for all beings!

We will be taking a brief pause with our online Tuesday evening classes and Saturday practices for the month of November. Our Wednesday yidam practice will continue online over the next few weeks — Lama Kalsang will soon be traveling to Nepal, and we will pause the Wednesday zoom at that time. Our online Sunday practice will continue while Lama Kalsang is travelling.

With these breaks in the TRTCC schedule, it is an excellent time for us all to grow and deepen our individual relationship with the Dharma and our own practice. The TRTCC Prayer Book is included in the text links below, and you’re encouraged to use this in your practice at home.

Wishing you a very good week.

Tuesday, 7pm, Introduction to Buddhism. This class will resume in December.

Wednesday, November 3, 7pm. Green Tara Practice, Online only. To join our Wednesday Zoom:

Saturday, 10am. Basic Buddhism: Practice and Study. Saturday practice will resume in December.

Sunday, November 7, 10 am. Achi Chokyi Drolma practice. Online only. Practice will include recitation of the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, Om Ah Hung practice and meditation, and Achi Chokyi Drolma practice. To join our Sunday Zoom: