TRTCC Upcoming Practices, April 11 – 17

Dear Dharma Friends,

We have a full schedule of practices this week. In addition to our regular schedule we also have Guru Rinpoche practice and Tsok at 7pm this evening, and full moon Medicine Buddha practice Saturday evening at 7pm.

We ask that only fully vaccinated people come in to the center. If you do come in for a practice, please be mindful of your neighbors and allow ample spacing between yourselves. If you do not feel well for any reason, please do not attend in person. Please see our Covid Policy on the website for details.

May the illumination of wisdom teachings shine through all obscurations of our mind, and may our practices be beneficial to all beings!

Monday, April 11, 7pm, Guru Rinpoche practice and Tsok. In person only.

Tuesday, April 12, 7pm, Introduction to Practice.  Online only. This informal class offers an introduction to the center’s practices and to meditation in our lineage. It would be helpful to read this short introduction to Tibetan Buddhism before class. To join our Tuesday Zoom:

Wednesday, April 13, 7pm. Manjushri PracticeIn person only. Manjushri is the embodiment of perfect wisdom, which helps us cut through our ignorance and delusion.


Thursday, April 14, 7pm, Basic Buddhism: Practice and Study. Online only. The subject of study is action bodhicitta, in the form of The Six Paramitas. To join our Thursday Zoom:

Saturday, April 16, 9am. Vajrasattva Practice. Online and in person. This is a foundational and ongoing training to purify our negative actions, mental disturbances, harmful tendencies and mistaken views. To join our Saturday Zoom:

Saturday, April 16, 7pm. Full moon Medicine Buddha Practice. In person only. For the benefit of those who are ill or in need of healing, purification, and general success.


Sunday, April 17, 10 am.  Online and in person. Practice will include recitation of the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, Om Ah Hung practice and meditation, and Achi Chokyi Drolma practice. To join our Sunday Zoom: