Vesak Celebration 2022, Sunday May 22nd, 3-5pm

The Buddhist Society of Pittsburgh has organized the 14th annual Vesak Celebration this year to be an in-person, outdoor event on Sunday, May 22nd at the new home of the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center, 58 QSI Lane, Allison Park, PA 15101.

This is a special occasion for Pittsburgh Buddhist sanghas from various traditions to come together to honor the life and times of Shakyamuni Buddha, to share how his life and teachings are still relevant in today’s world, and for sangha families of all ages to get acquainted in a joyous outdoor gathering.  Each sangha group will present a short program related to Shakyamuni Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana, with chanting, meditation, prayers, and groups of children singing children’s songs.

This year, TRTCC will participate with Ven. Lama Kalsang and sangha members reading the “Praise of the Twelve Exemplary Deeds of the  Buddha“.  All are invited to join this special 2-hour free event. There will be refreshments served at the end of the ceremony. In order to help the organizer with planning, registration is highly recommended. Donations to help offset the costs are greatly appreciated.

For the sake of all participants’ safety please be fully vaccinated and follow the most current guidelines from CDC.  We hope to see you on this special occasion.