TRTCC: Practice, Teachings, & Empowerment: May 25-30, 2022

Dear Dharma Friends,

Our schedule this week includes Green Tara yidam practice on Wednesday the 25th and our special Mandala Offering and Guru Yoga teachings and Medicine Buddha empowerment events on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th. Following the teachings on Saturday there will also be a special opportunity for individuals to participate in a Refuge Ceremony led by Ven. Khenpo Choephel. Next Monday May 30th is our New Moon 35 Buddhas purification practice, noted below. Our regular Saturday and Sunday practices will return on June 4 & 5.

If you are planning to attend the teaching or empowerment events, please register. Your responses will help us plan and prepare for the weekend and are greatly appreciated!


Wednesday, May 25, 7pm. Green Tara Practice. Online and in person. The visualization of the deity and recitation of mantra help practitioners identify with the enlightened qualities of Green Tara, which can help overcome fears and obstacles in life. The benefit of achieving successes and happiness in life can be cultivated through this practice. Join us on Zoom.

Saturday, May 28, 9am – 12pm. Mandala Offering and Guru Yoga teachings. Online and in person. Ven. Khenpo Choephel will share his knowledge and insight with us on these foundational practices. Join us on Zoom.


Sunday, May 29, 10am – 4pm. Medicine Buddha Empowerment and Practice. In person only. The Medicine Buddha is considered to be the enlightened healing quality of all the Buddhas. By connecting with the Medicine Buddha we invite the potential to help ourselves, our loved ones, and all sentient beings who are ill or suffering from sickness and other obstacles. Please register here.


Monday, May 30, 7pm. 35 Buddhas New Moon purification practice. In person only. Also known as The Sutra of the Three Heaps, this is a purification and prostration practice.

Important note: Allegheny County COVID community transmission level has been updated to Medium by the CDC. In accordance with CDC guidelines for the Medium level of transmission, our precautions for in-person attendance are as follows:


  • Only fully vaccinated individuals may attend in-person practice
  • Masks are optional and very strongly recommended for high risk individuals. Your risk assessment is between your and your health care provider, so please adhere to their guidance.
  • Improved ventilation throughout indoor spaces – we will run fans to provide air circulation, exhaust, and will be running a HEPA unit in the shrine room.
  • If the community transmission level reaches High, masks will be required.

If you do come in for a practice, please be mindful of your neighbors and allow spacing between yourselves. If you do not feel well for any reason, please do not attend in person. Please see our Covid Policy on the website for details.

May the illumination of wisdom teachings shine through all obscurations of our mind, and may our practices be beneficial to all beings!