Drigung Kagyu Art Exhibition at the Rubin

drigung_master__smallArt with Benefits: The Drigung Tradition
Exhibition runs APRIL 24 – SEPTEMBER 7

“The Rubin Museum of Art’s newest exhibit, Art with Benefits: the Drigung Tradition, explores this notion by exhibiting 39 works of art and objects created by one of the most important schools of Tibetan Buddhism in the 13th Century, the Drigung Kagyu School”

If you can’t visit the museum in New York, visit the website for more information and audio tour and itineraries.


Click on SUGGESTED ITINERARIES at the bottom of the above Rubin Museum page for an audio tour and itineraries. (or here:http://rubinmuseum.org/events/itineraries/art-with-benefits-the-drigung-tradition-audio-tour)

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